Interrupted Plans

A friend gifted me on Christmas with Beth Moore’s To Live is Christ Day by Day. These days I love reading God’s Word. I love devotions. I love getting into the meat and potatoes of His Word. I feel an amazing peace that settles around my heart like a warm shawl after delving for a time into it.

Today’s offering was Day 1. I read Acts 9:5-6 and Galatians 6:14. Beth spoke about interrupted plans.

“I pray that the same Someone who encountered Paul will also interrupt your life with His glorious presence as you journey through this book.” Beth Moore writes.

Interrupt your life.

I paused on that portion of the sentence. Most of us hate change and hate interruptions. We want comfort and schedules we can count on as we go through our year. I can really complain when things do not go as scheduled in my life. I cannot fathom why some interruptions occur, but other interruptions I count as blessings. Without those interruptions I would never have learned how to cope with difficult people or how to get my hands messy in their pain. I would never have learned some patience or how to bite my tongue when necessary.

Paul (or as he was previously known as Saul) persecuted Christians severely. He hunted them down. His interruption was blindness. He heard Christ’s voice and afterwards went blind for a short time. In Acts 9:5, the bright light and the “solemn repetition of Saul’s name suggested he was in the presence of deity” (NIV Study Bible).

I thank my God for His interruptions. The pain that I experienced on my bumpy road never went to waste. My pain was for His glory. In my weakness, He showed me that He is all powerful and all knowing. We equate the bad things that occur in our life as curses. Why do bad things happen to His children?

“…He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous .” Matthew 5:45b.

I don’t pray for interruptions, but I don’t fight them much anymore. I still complain at times when the interruptions don’t work with my schedule. My favorite word to use during those moments is, venting. How I love to vent! Time will teach me to vent less, but those are lessons I am still learning.

And it’s okay.

I have a Father in Heaven who loves me even when I am complaining. I am glad He interrupted my life because interrupted plans don’t always mean unpleasantness, but unexpected blessings to behold.

What interruptions have occurred in your life?  Do you welcome them?


4 thoughts on “Interrupted Plans”

  1. We don’t like change we like things to be the way that they are. I know for me change was very hard, because it required me to do things differently, but I remember my mom telling me if I would stop fighting it, it will go allot smoother for me. She was right, because even in my walk with God there are moments when I will fight the change with Him…even when I chose to be disobedient and suffer I see how important it was for me to listen the first time go round. But as my mom always said I have to learn the hard way…


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