Book Review: Someone To Blame By C.S. Lakin

Love Vs. Hate

When you lose a child, you tumble in free fall continually, without acquittal. The ground rushes up at you, your mind frantic and disbelieving. Impending doom pulls you toward impact at dizzying speeds. But you never hit bottom. Never a reprieve from panic. Never startling awake before the moment of contact. Never breathing that sigh of relief as the wisp of nightmare dissolves and you learn you are safe, tangled in bed covers, your husband sleeping undisturbed at your side. You are always falling.”

– Pg. 8

Chapter 1 immediately snagged my attention. The words flowed with ease, purpose, and kept me on this journey of discovery. The plot was well done. The characters well developed and intriguing, typical of humanity. I could easily identify people of those personalities in my town. I could see me in that town making their mistakes. It is a classic story of love versus hate with several psychological twists.

Someone To Blame centers around Matt and Irene Moore. They moved from their town to escape the deaths of their sons—one was an accident and the other was suicide. Their daughter, Casey, becomes this angry form stomping through the pages of the book like a wind storm. All three wish to blame someone for the deaths. They blame each other. In this muddle comes a young man named Billy Thurber and in his wake a crime spree leaves the town of Breaker in an uproar. The Moore’s find curious healing in their encounters with Billy.

I read this book with the preconceived notion that it would follow a formula story. Villains in most books are easy to discover. It’s like watching a movie and the music changes when the villain enters the room. This is not the case with Someone To Blame. Everyone is blaming something or someone for whatever happened and the reader is left in the fog, questioning, turning the pages, compiling the clues, and coming to erroneous conclusions.

The writer always leaves finger prints of themselves in between the words. The emotions Irene and Matt experience of losing a child and the anger Casey exhibits makes me think the author must have experienced losing a child, too. I have never lost a child. Yet after reading this novel I feel as if I can fully understand a couple who has experienced that loss. It is deep and painful. The first half of the book is depressing leaving one to pick over the conversations and the words, thinking deeply about it for the rest of the day. On the back cover, C.K. Lakin says she has other books on the market. All are psychological suspense. It has certainly helped me look at my own novel with new eyes. While reading her book, I learned a few more things about character and plot development. Books that make me think and make 2D characters 3D always take a permanent spot in my library. It is well worth rereading over and over again. You learn about hate, love, bad choices, good choices, and scripture hits you in the face. It is an unusual love versus hate story that I would read again and again. In fact, I am going to look up her other books. If she writes this well on Someone To Blame, I can’t wait to read her other books.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Someone To Blame By C.S. Lakin”

  1. I’m learning more and more each day that reading books by other authors helps in one’s own WIP. This book sounds challenging to read, glad it helped you look at your novel in a deeper way.


    1. The consequence of learning something new is going back to plot and rewrite to make sure everything is tight and powerful. I think you should read this book because you can learn alot about plotting and about how to draw up characters.


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