The Aquarium

     “Is there life out there?”  Jack Dempsey lingers next to the glass.  Watery and distorted images hint at life beyond the glass.  Silver Dollar floats over to him. 

     “Aliens.  There are aliens!  Didn’t you read about it in today’s paper!  Mysterious lights and all that!” 

     “I know Black Convict went missing last month.”  Jack states glumly.  “His wife is still in mourning.  She digs holes beneath rocks yearning to have more children, but she is the only one of her kind here.” 

     “It’s aliens, I tell ya!”  Silver Dollar flaps his fins.  Corey Cat wiggles over to them.

      “No.  There is no such thing as aliens.  I’ve been here longer than any of you guys.  There’s something bigger out there; bigger than all of us!  It provides for us, feeds us, and even cleans this place.  I never see you help us out in cleaning our home.” 

     “It’s not aliens and it’s not anyone divine.  We just exist.  When we die, we’ll be flushed down the toilet—end of story.”  Silver Dollar 2 sidles up next to his brother. 

     “You’re an atheist.”  Corey grumbles.  “Of all the people to move into this Aquarium, it had to be you. Sheesh.” 

     “And you’re a Christian.  Go figure.”  Silver Dollar 2 sniffs.  “You believe in the invisible.  I’ve got to see it for myself before I’ll believe in Fairy Tales.”  Plecostomus, the largest fish in the tank, swims over and hangs on the glass next to them. 

     “What are you looking at?” 



     “Nothing.”  Plecostomus appears confused.  Then, he smiles. 

     “You’re talking about what’s out beyond our world?”  He puffs his chest and explains, “There is a wonderful higher power out there.  It does not matter if you are a Christian or an atheist, when we die will all go to the great light.” 

     “You are all so lost.”  Corey swims away.  “I’ve got work to do.” 

     “You are all wrong.”  Plecostomus 2 races into the conversation, bumping clumsily into Silver Dollar. 


      “Sorry.”  Plecostomus 2 whispers.  “Corey is right.  There is a God and only one way to Heaven.  Not everyone can get there either.  Only through Christ can you get there.  If it is just aliens, in what do you base your premise?  If we simply die and become sewer litter, what is the point of life?”  Something is stirring at the surface of the water.  They all tremble in fear and eagerness.  Something scatters into the water and the water is still again. 

     “FOOD!”  All the fish race to the surface.  Corey mumbles in his corner. 

     “Who do you think provided that food?” 

What is your answer?