Radical Thought

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     Walking is not a chore.  I think we spend too much time indoors as a society.  We go to work and sit in front of the computer.  We drive home.  We eat dinner and finish the evening watching television.  Our children play video games sitting down.  Do you remember the commandment from God that stated, “Thou shalt not worship any idols…?” 

     Golden calves do not adorn our doorways.  A Buddha does not sit in our homes.  Haven’t you forgotten something?  We have idols all around our home.  If I count how many times I have chosen my idols over God, I would run out of fingers and toes.  My idols are television, Wii, friends, family, and computers.  Oftentimes, I have chosen Wii because I forgot to sit down and spend a few minutes with God in scripture.  Yesterday, I remembered to spend time with Him.  Today I forgot Him.  I did not forget Him as I left the house.  I talk to Him as I leave the house.  I talk to Him throughout the day, but most especially on my walks.  It is not enough.

     How many of you spend all of your time indoors (this includes the mall)?  There are times when the weather is too harsh and you have no choice, but when the weather is bearable, get out of the house.  Get out of the air conditioning.  There are Zoos to visit, back trails to hike, and the world to explore.  I believe God gave us this world and space to satisfy our human craving to explore the unknown. 

     Most of us have seen Paris—on television; or we have seen Italy—through the eyes of a camera lens on the internet; and we have been to Disney World—through YouTube.  We have stalked the plains of Africa—through hunting shows.  Our feet have retraced the steps of Jesus—through others experiences.  Our hands have held a sand crab—at the pet store.  We have been stalked by a mountain lion—by our cat at home who thinks he is a mountain lion.  Do you hide in your home and neighborhoods?  Is your activity restricted to work and home? 

     My Uncle and Aunt took their children (while they were in school) on amazing summer trips across the country.  My cousins were enriched by this experience.  It is not enough to read about it on the internet or through books. There is something so amazing about standing where Lewis and Clark stood, or walking where Doc Holiday and The Earps walked behind the OK Corral.  It is amazing standing underneath a mountain with timbers older than your great-grandparents and knowing a miner once worked where you are standing.  Have you ever heard a Sea Lion or watched the algae glow in the ocean? 

     Walking, moving, and doing are what we were meant to do as children of God.  It benefits our mind and our body.  As a sedentary society, we are growing fat on MacDonald’s.  The only exercise we get is when we use our thumbs to change the channel on the television.  Even cleaning the house is good exercise, but not to replace a hardy cardio work-out.  Here is my challenge:  Do something this week you would not normally do during a normal week.  Return and report to me what you did and if you enjoyed it.  It’s healthy; it’s fantastic; and you will be the better for it.


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