I Am An Ant


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     An ant can carry triple its size.  Have you ever seen an ant scrambling along the sidewalk carrying a leaf bigger than its body?  There are some pretty amazing ant hills.  They work very hard to create a home until someone comes along and wipes them out.  This is how I feel with the passing of the healthcare bill and this administrations’ spending sprees. 

      There are rumors of Democrats allegedly bragging about bribery and special deals in the bill for their state.  They are all smiles.  In spite of the massive tea parties across the nation protesting more spending, taxation, and the healthcare bill passage, the people we elected are ignoring us.  How can they wake up every morning and look at themselves in the mirror?  How can they sleep at night?  How do you deceive and swindle without so much as a spark of conscious?  What made these politicians go into politics in the first place?  Did they have good intentions?  Or did they get into politics for the money and power? 

      Where are the heroes?  Where are the Mr. Smiths on the hill who fight and sacrifice because they want to do what is right for the country?  I will continue to build my house on the foundation of integrity, kindness, and use both my head and my heart in spiritual matters.  I will continue to work hard, pay my bills, and in all things, I will love my neighbor as myself.  I am merely an ant trying to carry my load.  Mr. Obama, you can crush my house, tax me to death, but God made me stronger.  You cannot take away my love of Christ.  Christ is with all of His children even in the most oppressive of countries.  So do your worst, because you can’t win against God.