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I’m Closing The Door For Good

You can’t go forward if the door behind you is still open. As I look out my front window, the sunflowers nod in the slight breeze and reflects the sunlight of the morning.

Sunflowers are the strongest flower. In spite of its shallow roots, they grow back every year. In fact, my sunflowers evolved. The seed I originally planted was for a mammoth sunflower, but over the years the plant has given a bounty of small flowers. It’s branches are always filled with hummingbirds and other wild birds. Like that sunflower, I am evolving, too, and a door is shutting.

This blog has run its course.

Over the past five years, your friendship and your patience have been a blessing to me. This blog has helped me work through some traumatic circumstances, to heal and forgive. I am not leaving the online community, but changing “homes.”

In 2013, I published, with the help of volunteer editors and writers, my online magazine, and in 2015, I will launch a new missionary organization. I will also still write, social network, and intend to focus on only three websites:


This will remain the same as my writing website and social network consulting business site.



This will also remain the same as my free online magazine. Occasionally, we may publish ebooks for sale.


My new missionary organization is now in its prelaunch stage. It will be fully functional on January 12, 2015.




If you have subscribed to this blog, my webmaster will transfer over all subscribers to Cataclysm Missions International (CMI). The website is still being worked on, so I have made it easy for you to register for the newsletter to be kept updated on the developments of the organization:

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Thank you for being a part of my life. I hope you will continue to take interest. Friend me on my personal page here. Or follow me on twitter. Or even youtube. I’m shutting the door to the past now. My story can still help others so this blog will remain up, and not deleted, but not active.

Please pray as I and my husband eagerly look to the future. My past doesn’t define me. God defines me.


The Killer Next Door Review

The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood is a cross between a pointless horror story and an episode of Criminal Minds.

Colette is running from some money launderers and holes up in a really bad apartment complex that has some strange people living there. In a room next door, a killer resembling an Egyptian version of Norman Bates hides and the body count is rising. Its a combination of clumsiness and circumstance.

While the writing and characterizations are well done, its littered with bad language and graphically sexual scenes that go overboard to create a realistic skid row-like place in the United Kingdom. The exploration of the killers psyche reminded me of a Criminal Minds episode without the justice.

The story also felt like it was going everywhere and I felt like the story itself lacked depth. I gave this book 2 stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.



“Thirdly, Israel was to be a holy nation. Holiness in the Bible is not just something ethereal which invades audiences on Sunday morning, making them somewhat listless and passive. Holiness is wholeness. To be holy is to be wholly the Lord’s.”

– Walter C. Kaiser, Perspectives.org, Israel’s Missionary Call



It’s really difficult to see who you really are everyday, like being half blind.

Other people see you through the lens of their hurts and experiences, and some only see a sliver of who you are, never seeing you outside that situation. People often say, “Ask someone what they think about you?,” but that’s dangerous. What they say may not be true.

Words tear down as well as build up, and the blindness we all have makes us unable to see our own faults. I can see my strengths, and almost forget my weaknesses. Not recognizing my weaknesses can make me lack compassion to others, and recognizing my weaknesses gives me humbleness before God.

That is a thing I seek–to be humble and to be the person God wants me to be, and I pray that all the time.


Definition of Righteousness

Romans 10:10

10 Trusting with the heart leads to righteousness, and confessing with the mouth leads to salvation.

When asked at my Bible Study what Righteousness meant, it was defined as, “Right standing with God.” Right standing with God can feel like a process. I came to Christ in 2002, but I came dirty, thirsting, and struggling.

It took time, and I am still growing from when I and my husband became a disciple of Christ. Right standing with God is a process of one good decision at a time. Like what we studied last week of the woman at the well. She had five husbands and the one with her at the time was not her husband (John 4).

Sin is a struggle. As a young, single adult, I struggled being right with God. I sought Him all my life. So when someone is living with someone or sleeping with them, they have my compassion. The temptation is difficult. But to stop struggling is worse. You should continue fighting for what is right. So you may mess up.

But tomorrow is a new day to begin anew. To try again. Older Christians take for granted sometimes the strength new Christians don’t yet have that time and prayer in the Word gives. So, I believe, right standing with God is a process; even a long process as we grow in Him.


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