Not Much of a Heroine

Heroes and heroines on television nowadays break the law or sleep with everyone. It’s the sign of the times we live in when the government becomes the enemy, television shows bring out heroes who buck the government or rogue cops who fight the lawless. But my problem is the hero or heroine who sleep with everyone. 

Would it kill Hollywood to celebrate long-term relationships; people who wait for marriage, or people who honor their vows to another, or love each other as they encounter difficulty? 

Currently, I am watching Covert Affairs. The new season is a disappointment to me. I loved last season. Now it’s a soap opera with everyone sleeping with other people, the threat of an affair, an affair, and a super spy who can’t seem to have any long-term relationships. I’m falling less in love with this new season as I watch each episode. So I am hitting the kill switch on the recorder. 

Now back to Rizzolli and Isles… 

Sponsor a Missionary

Many missionaries don’t like writing newsletters, blogging, or doing social media. If you know of a missionary who needs lessons in understanding the technology, saving time, and social networking and blogging, talk to them. One of the services I offer is called, “Sponsoring a Missionary.”

You and the missionary agree they need to learn the technology, understand how to do it, and get used to the time-saving techniques so it doesn’t interfere with their public ministry. Then, you email me at to negotiate terms and a price. I work with all budgets. I will email you an invoice, and once you pay that invoice via paypal, send me the missionary’s name, email, and phone number.

From that point, I work with the missionary. Your part is done. Because missionaries don’t always raise 100% of their support, sponsoring them to learn the necessary technology saves them money. My client list is confidential. This means, a missionary who would like to blog under a pseudonym, will have his or her personal information kept confidential to keep them safe in the country that they serve.

If this sounds like something a missionary friend of yours would like to learn, email me.


“We like to stay put. But from the beginning God’s heart has been for us to, as He told Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Gen. 1:28)…But again, humanity seems to crave a security that is rooted in the earth instead of in God alone.” – Naeem Fazal

The merry-go-round. I am thinking how rooted I’ve been for the past eight years, clinging to the earth as Naeem says on page 156 of Ex-Muslim.

Rooted to sameness, familiarity, and security, I have been entertaining a lot of fears–fears of trying something new; fears of disappointing people; fears of failing. But now, after a year of praying, I’m ready to be uprooted.

I’m ready to step off the merry-go-round.

Ways I Am Being Uprooted:
1. I am starting a new ministry in 2015.
2. I am seeking to further my education.
3. I am ready to live the life God has been training me to live.
4. I am ready to trust in Christ for my security.

Can life start anew at age forty? I am hungry again and eager to serve.

Five Ways Your Phone Offends People


Technology can be advantageous, like in furthering the Gospel, deepening family and friend relationships, and making communication efficient. I love my phone and how it makes spending time with my husband easier, but your smart phone might be dehumanizing people. Here are five ways you might be offending people:

Talking at The Cash Register: When you are buying groceries, put away your phone. No phone call is so important that it can’t wait til you are through the line. What you say to the cashier and the bagger by taking the phone call is: “You are not important. You are nobody.”

Paranoia About the Cell Phone Causing Brain Cancer: If you worry about your phone causing brain cancer, you probably put your phone on speaker every time you answer it. Nobody wants to be a part of your phone conversation. It’s disruptive, especially in church or in a quiet coffee shop where people generally go to work. If you are that paranoid about the phone, get a landline or don’t answer your phone when around people.

Checking Facebook While Having Coffee With a Friend: Put away your cell phone and focus on the conversation. When you meet eye contact with someone as they are talking, you make them feel good, like you are involved in their life. You give them worth. You can always check your phone while they go to the bathroom or if they step away for a refill.

Talking Too Loudly: Answering a cell phone at a restaurant might be offensive, but if your voice rises above the noise level of everyone around you, you are being disruptive to a captive audience. Be aware of people around you.

Texting Across The Room: Remember when your mom said not to whisper in front of people? Texting across the room is a lot like whispering and is unnecessary. If you have to “whisper,” go to the bathroom and text your friend quickly. But, as in number three, texting across the room is rude. If it’s only you two in the room, texting is not an efficient way of conversing. Why not just talk to each other?

I blame our lack of people skills on how fast the technology came upon us. Parents and children took to the technology like a child with a box of crayons in front of a newly painted wall. Most have exhibited behaviors that before were taboo, like talking on the phone while paying for groceries or texting each other when you are in the same room. You control the technology; the technology doesn’t control you.